A Theory of Everything

This is not a complicated string-theory or physics, but plainly about pigeons.

There are many theories about what a top pigeon should look like. How the eyes should be, theories about the form and structure of the wings, muscles and the throat. Practical “experiments” to see how the pigeon reacts. Its reaction than indicates its health and strength. All theories contain some truths, but I think they should not be isolated. I mean that you, as a pigeon fancier, should not only focus on 1 ‘component’ of your pigeon. All good parts of the theories above fused into one, make a “top pigeon”. When you select your own loft or you are at an auction in order to buy pigeons, the pigeons definitely must not have the characteristics below:

  1. Dry or stiff feathers;
  2. Wings with large gaps between the pins;
  3. Secondary feathers where you can pierce through;
  4. Open encounter;
  5. Large trachea opening;
  6. Large pupils;
  7. Poor muscles;
  8. Poor back;
  9. Broad tail;
  10. Above all a poor health.

Good luck and enjoy your pigeon!

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Bas en Gerard Verkerk vertellen over hun prijswinnaar Olympic Enchanted die in 2018 veel prijzen wist te winnen. Ook legt Bas uit welke Travipharma producten hij gebruikt om zijn duiven sterk, gezond en luisvrij te houden.

Bedankt voor het leuke interview!
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