E. Coli

E. Coli; the biggest nightmare among the youngsters of the pigeon fancier. Also called “Young bird sickness”, Adeno-Coli. E. Coli is, nowadays, also well known when it comes to humans and our own (contaminated) food sources. As we all know, E. Coli is a harmful bacterium which can have a disastrous impact on our health. In this blog article we would like to warn you about the effects on pigeons and inform you about the symptoms and treatments of E. Coli for pigeons.


For those who have never experienced E. Coli (which is almost impossible), you can recognize this bacterium with the following symptoms are as follows:

– Non-listening pigeons; when they do not come into the loft.

– Vomiting of the feed

– Thin and slimy olive-green droppings

– No proper digestion of the feed, the crop stays full.

– Smelly sour scent in the loft.

Beware: After a few days, these symptoms will get worse. And as a result of the reduction of body resistance, a virus can be added, resulting in death.


This is a horrific situation and can be very stressful for the pigeon fancier. After all, we did not breed or purchased our beloved pigeons in order to lose them before the races have started. How does this arise? And also important, how does one get off? Another story will be when a nasty virus is involved.



Cause of contamination

By keeping the intensive pigeons, we often see that fanciers place too many pigeons in a loft together. Another important aspect is the stress level during the periods of first darkening, the change of feed composition and then basketing for the training flights. Stress causes an instability in the metabolism of the pigeon’s body. The body’s own resistance is hereby being tested.  A moment whereby body’s resistance is weakened, will give the E-coli bacteria the chance to take the upper hand. These bacteria can be cured successfully with, for example, the Para mix of Travipharma. This product consists of a number of well-functioning antibiotics which eliminate the bacteria immediately and do not harm the pigeon.  The special formula of vitamins has been added in order to make the condition of the pigeon even better. Despite the rapid recovery, it is evident to finish the treatment as prescribed.





It’s another story when there is ghastly virus involved. As you might probably know, a virus – in contrast to bacteria – cannot be controlled or cured by any kind of antibiotics. In this case, the only possibility then is to wait for the virus to pass by and fight the side effects and additional bacterial infections or suppress these with Para mix or Turbo Disinfect Oral. This product is the remedy in order to prevent other infections as Trichomoniasis, Coccidiosis and Paratyfus. It’s a safe and natural product, which is produced under strict GMP- and quality requirements.  Preventing is always better then curing. When putting off the youngsters, you can serve them the first 14 days a resistance increasing agent such as Turbo Disinfect Oral; Forte Vita or Provibac. Only Turbo Disinfect and Travi Allicine plus are also killing bacteria and protozoans.


[Conclusie/Slottekst– 50 -100 woorden]

Make your loft E.Coli proof

Don’t let E.Coli ruin your pigeon stock! Be proactive, look out for the symptoms. Act quickly, cure pigeons that are victims of the bacteria and make sure viruses have no chance to do them any more harm. But above all, prevent your pigeons from becoming sick. Ensure their health by strengthening their immune system with the right qualified products. Do you still have a question regarding E.Coli or prevention? We are more than happy to inform you.


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