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The Pigeon Loft

First of all, any top pigeon must have the right loft. It is of great importance to achieve a good form and then maintain the pigeon in good form. In the Netherlands we have a saying: Like the clock ticks at home, it ticks nowhere else. This means that everyone is most comfortable in their own home. The same goes for pigeons, they need to feel at home and feel happy. This will greatly help them develop. look at it as ‘pigeon-morality’. Happiness gives energy to humans and enthusiasm to perform and be challenged. The same goes for pigeons. Therefore, a good pigeon loft must always meet these three requirements:

    • No draft. We can catch a cold from a small draft. We might not even notice the draft and still catch a cold. Well, pigeons can catch a cold as well.
    • It must be dry. You don’t like fungi in your home either.
    • Comfortable temperature.

Characteristics of a Good Pigeon Loft

I prefer the apex roof for the perfect air transport. A high apex provides good insulation and ventilation possibilities. The tiles: preferably the older baked pans and not the concrete quick pans that close too much. The walls must have two layers and not particle/chipboard. Experience learns that it produces toxic gasses. Insulation is also highly desirable. We certainly do not want too many temperature changes in the loft. The front is best placed towards the southeast so that the morning sun will warm the loft. Do not place the loft in a windy position and be sure that the wind and rain do not enter the loft. While building your loft, you must take into account to make it easy to darken. Do not forget that our pigeons stay better in a loft with an open-front. Pigeon fanciers, who had open aviaries in front of their loft, performed better than the ones without. Sufficient oxygen is extremely important for the fitness of the pigeons. Finally, create a pleasurable climate so that you can also stay in the loft. If you are comfortable, your pigeons are automatically also comfortable. Make it fun for young and old, but especially for the youngsters who love to hide, so create enough ‘blind spots’.

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Today the first episode of 'Stop the Pigeon' aired 50 years ago. That's quite a while ago. If you remember the show, than you've probably had some good laughs.

The show was about some bad guys trying to catch a messenger pigeon because of the secret letters it carried. If you know it and want to feel nostalgic, you can find some episodes on YouTube.

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