The Respiratory Tract

This part is also extremely important and indispensable. If all the components of a pigeon are optimal but not the respiratory system, the pigeon does not function optimally. Then we are not able to use this pigeon. So how do we tackle this?

First of all we need to recognize if a pigeon has an optimal respiratory tract. All top pigeons we have examined had a perfect respiratory system.


  • The colour of the throat and tongue is light pink.
  • The opening of the trachea is deep, slightly lower at the end of the tongue.
  • This opening is the narrow gap of about 3 millimeters and should be easy to open.
  • The gap palate (cliff) of a top pigeon must have a very narrow opening.
  • In order for the respiratory tract to stay in communication, it must be clean and mucus free.

The longer the distance of the race is, the more important it is to have a very fine and quiet respiratory system. When exhaling, the air goes from the trachea through the gap palate and outside through the nostrils. It is therefore important that this position is matched well together. A deep trachea opening makes it easy for a quick in- and ex-halation.

Remember that all top pigeons have a perfect respiratory system nevertheless we cannot say that all pigeons with a good throat are top pigeons!

The respiratory tract

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The Respiratory Tract

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