What you can do during the Covid19-crisis

Dear friends,

This time a somewhat different article than usual. I’m doing it a bit more personal this time. The crisis forces us to switch the pigeon racing activities into a lower gear. As pigeon fanciers, we find this very painful and therefore we want to help our fellow pigeon fanciers to by giving some tips to get through the crisis better.

We are all very limited by the crisis policies that the government has put in place to protect us. That is annoying, because we want to be able to practice our beautiful sport as soon as possible. But of course we also want to adhere to government guidelines. We must certainly avoid being guilty of spreading the virus. Especially if the vast majority of our members belong to the risk group. Therefore we call on you to adhere to the guidelines as well!

What does the future of pigeon sport look like?

It is currently unclear how long the crisis will last. The prognoses are that we have to live with the virus for at least two more years. But this does not mean that we will be in lockdown for two more years.

It looks like we’re getting some kind of fluctuation model, but right now that’s speculative. This model means that we get periods where strict lockdown rules apply to prevent rapid contamination. If the number of infections decreases, these rules will be loosened. The main focus is on the capacity in healthcare. As the rules are relaxed, the number of infections will slowly increase again. If the capacity of healthcare consequently reaches its limit, the rules will be tightened again.

This sounds very gruesome, because it means that everyone will eventually get corona. However, the goal is to hold out with each other for as long as possible until there is a cure. Fortunately, there are already good results. You may not agree at all with President Trump’s approach in America, but even unconventional means are being devised to fight the virus. If this produces good results, the crisis may last a lot less than two years. Let’s hope so. In other countries, too, there is of course an enormous amount of hard work and various potential solutions have already been found in the Netherlands as well. And we were also surprised to learn that a substance in our products works against corona! We will say more about this later.

But what can you do now?

The long distance and one-day-long-distance men and women are already used to ensure that the pigeons stay in winter mode to prevent forme in the loft. This is now recommended to everyone: make sure the pigeons stay in rest mode. How long? How long should we darken, care irregularly and let go moderately? Unfortunately, that cannot be predicted.

It seems that after April 28th, the next government evaluation (in the Netherlands), the lockdown will be relaxed (this is still uncertain). There is a chance that under new rules the sports federations may start cautiously. The pigeon sport is also part of the sports federations, so we hope for the best. If so, then please really stick to the rules. Otherwise, we risk having the rules tightened up again sooner!

If the sports federations start up again, I want to be prepared as a pigeon coach. Everything can be set up to start with an adapted flight program. This requires the cooperation of Belgium and France, so here we should expect the international unions to be active. The NPO, departments, associations, etc. must then be prepared. If this does not work, the whole will shift to a new target date. So you too should be ready for it, we remain positive and hope that we will fly with an adjusted program this year.

Health check and delousing

Because the regular schedule does not continue, we can now fill the time with additional activities that are good for the pigeons and are definitely needed. Consider, for example, delousing with Anti-Sect spray, which also tackles creeping and flying pests. In addition, extra attention to health is important. Trending in the news is Ivermectin which kills the Corona virus within 48 hours. We have been using Ivermectin in our LW-Parasites drops for some time. Use this in the pigeon’s neck or chest to protect against parasites. In combination with Anti-Sect, the pigeon has optimal protection. Because this Ivermectin is currently trending, it may run out of stock soon, just like the face masks and toilet paper.

Note: Pigeons are not susceptible to the Covid-19 virus. This has not been established, so you do not need to purchase these products. You could order these products because they provide a general, all-round protection against the most common pests and parasites.

Not only our products protect the health of your pigeon. It is good at this time to be informed and prepared. It is therefore not an unnecessary luxury to make an appointment with the (pigeon) vet to see what can be done during this period.

Free health packs !!!

We already indicated that we sympathize with all pigeon fanciers. We are also active in the pigeon sport and we experience the same as all other pigeon coaches. We therefore understand that it can be financially difficult. That’s why we want to give away 100 free health packs. Register via the form and the first 100 registrations will receive a free package worth € 69.50 consisting of:

We only ask that you pay the shipping costs at € 7.50 to deliver it to your home. You can indicate directly if you want to order additional products. Of course you pay for this and the shipping costs will be maintained.

As soon as the 100 registrations are complete, we will send the 100 winners a shipping invoice (regarding the shipping costs) and after the shipping costs have been paid, the packages will be sent.

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