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Winter is coming

Winter is on its way. Fortunately, here in the Netherlands the winters are not as cold as they used to be. However, we still like to keep our pigeons on a ‘winter-diet’. This is important to keep them in an optimal state. Plus, we need to help our winged friends with moulting. That is why we have come up with a pretty easy but effective diet to keep your pigeons in shape and good health. During the entire winter period, you should add the next products to the feed:

Pigeon Diet – Days 1, 2 & 3: Forte Vita

Forte Vita is a powerful natural product that maintains optimal health in your colony. This elixir contains minerals, trace elements and a very well balanced herbal extract in a powerful biological acid. This product activates the body and brings it in top condition. It is advisable to use Forte Vita after an antibiotic cure against intestinal disorders and for the overall resistance. These are the reason Forte Vita is awesome:
– It increases the pigeons natural body resistance;
– It has a positive effect on the pigeons endurance and purifies the blood;
– It supports the overall metabolism and condition;
– It improves the pigeons racing performance;
– It stimulates the appetite and the digestion;
– It strengthens the moult and down moult;
– It supports the colour-activation of the feathers for cage- and aviary birds;
– It takes care of the pigeons muscles after physical exertions.

Pigeon Diet – Day 4: Knoflook + Ui

Garlic and onion juice, as it’s translated in English, has a positive effect on the blood circulation. It has many benefits like:
– It improves fertility and purges the blood;
– It has a positive influence on curing intestinal disorders;
– It improves the condition and moulting;
– It clears the throat and battles fatigue.

Garlic and onion juice is ideal for in the winter. This is the time when your pigeons might not get as much exercise as they need, so a good diet is extra important!

Pigeon Diet – Days 5 & 6: Bio1 & 3

Bio 1 is a unique mixture of herbs, which maintains a good oxygeneration and bloodcirculation. It gives the skin a more pink color, which is not relevant for racing, but it does indicate the pigeons health. It’s indispensable for the construction of good skin tissue. It’s an oral solution that also purifies the blood.

Bio 3 helps combat stress symptoms. It avoids backsliding of the form. It helps strengthen the muscles and stimulate the sex urges. This complex activates the pigeon and helps it get in a top form to deliver a top performance. You can’t miss this product to keep your pigeons fit. Especially during the breeding period, Bio 3 is helpful.

Pigeon Diet – Day 7: Travi-Vit

Travi-Vit is a combination of vitamins, amino-acids, minerals and trace elements that support pigeons during the racing season and during the moulting and breeding period. Travi-Vit is the supplement with the most necessary basic resources for your pigeons to remain strong and healthy.

Pigeon Diet – Keep going

Some say repetition is the best teacher. With this diet, you want to keep repeating also. This way, the pigeons’ digestive system will not get confused. Also, the extra supplements are not an ‘apply-once-wonder’. Bodybuilders need to keep eating loads of food each day to keep their muscles big. Pigeons also need these supplements each day to maintain their strength.

Repeat this diet every week during winter.

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